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Features:1. It adopts a very high-grade leather pattern design, which can be carried in a briefcase, school bag, and document bag. It can be used by students to read and correct the reading posture of children.2. Lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It can be used as a reading stand when reading, a document stand when operating a computer, and a music stand when practicing the piano.3. Two fixed arms are provided to firmly fix the pages of the book or document being clamped, to prevent the page from tilting or self-stress, and external effects from turning the page.4. The maximum clamping thickness is 60mm, and the top of the product is designed with an extendable arm, so that the product can clamp books or manuscripts with a height of 300mm.5. The maximum adjustment angle is 60 degrees, so that the page and the user maintain a good visual angle, so as to correct the users sitting posture, ensure eye hygiene and work posture, and effectively reduce users eye fatigue and physical fatigue when reading and operating the computer. Improve work efficiency.Specifications:Model: QP-01Material: ABSSize: 210 * 160 * 11mmFunction: music score stand, reading book stand, photo album stand, iPads stand, tablet stand, etc.Package includes:1 * Reading Books Stand

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