Adjustable Laptop Desk Large Bed Tray Tilting Top Foldable Table Multi-tasking Stand Breakfast Serving Bamboo Table

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  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Description:Name: Multi-function Computer DeskColor: primary color of nanzhuMaterial: nanzhuPaint process: nitrocellulose paint, no pollution, can retain the natural texture of the original bambooInstructions:1. Solid material, smooth and polished surface.2. Please wipe the bamboo furniture with a towel before use to remove the hairs and fine burrs on the surface. When the bamboo furniture is not in use, wipe it clean, air dry it, wrap it with plastic foam, and place it in a ventilated environment.Features:- Organize small drawers. Convenient to place usb flash drive, earphone, mobile phone and other small objects. Gadgets are no longer easy to lose, small but practical.- Anti - slip baffle to prevent the notebook from slipping, convenient and fashionable.- Cup groove design, humanized design, when working or entertainment follow ones inclination. put the cup well.- Adjustable panel gear position. Ergonomic Angle 3, choose the right Angle for you, suitable for change Angle, can prevent cervical fatigue.Package included:1 x Multi-function Computer Desk

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